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Incoming Inspection

Voluntary incoming inspection procedures were originally developed by a committee of growers and processors under the auspices of the California Pistachio Commission. These procedures have subsequently been reviewed and revised by the Technical Subcommittee of the Administrative Committee for Pistachios. Grower deliveries are sampled, processed, and analyzed by the procedures outlined in this manual to determine payable weights for contractual and assessment purposes.

Voluntary Incoming Inspection Operations Manual (PDF)

ACP Report Forms

Form ACP – 1 Receipts/Assessment Report (PDF)
Form ACP – 2 Failed Lot Notification Disposition Rework Report (PDF)
Form ACP – 3 FMO Exempt Handler Notification (PDF)
Form ACP – 4 Minimal Testing Form (PDF)
Form ACP – 5 Inter-Handler Transfer (PDF)
Form ACP – 6 Monthly Report of Inventory/Shipments
Form (Excel Format) (PDF)
Form ACP – 7 Producer Delivery Report (PDF)
Electronic Filing Forms (Excel Format)
Form FV-251 Imported Pistachios – Rework and Failed Lot Disposition Report.pdf (PDF)
Form FV-249 Imported Pistachios – Failed Lot Notification.pdf (PDF)

Current Marketing Order Regulations