Grower Resources

Good Agricultural Practices Manual

The Good Agricultural Practices Manual is published by the California Pistachio Research Board. The intent is to provide guidance to pistachio growers on reducing the risk of food borne contaminants. A “Self-Audit” form is included as a tool to use with this manual.

Good Agricultural Practices Manual (PDF)
Good Agricultural Practices Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PDF)


Self-Assessment for Pistachio Production (PDF)

Pistachio Production Manual

The Pistachio Production Manual is published and maintained by the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department of UC Davis. To download this and other pistachio resources go to the UC Davis Fruit & Nut Research and Information website.

Sample Costs to Establish and Produce Pistachios

The University of California Cooperative Extension publishes cost and return studies for agricultural commodities. These studies can provide guidance but costs may vary in different situations. The cost and return studies are available at the UC Davis Agricultural & Resource Economics website.

Reports and links are also listed on the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center website.

Planting and Harvesting Resources

Pistachio Nurseries (PDF)
Custom Harvesters (PDF)
Processors (Hullers/Dryers) (PDF)

Pistachio Production Research