2024 ACP Elections – Voting ended April 19, 2024.  Ballots were counted with the USDA April 26, 2024.  The election report outlining our candidate recommendations was submitted on May 1, 2024.  Official results are pending the USDA certifying and approving the selection order.

2024 Candidate Information – The 2024 candidates are listed below.  To learn more about the candidate, click on the name to open their statement (not all candidates have provided statements).

District 1
D1-Tom Gordon 
D1-Hiroki Hiura
D1-Matthew Watte
D1-Brett Hampf
D-1 Spencer Birch 
D1-Joey Mendonca
D1-Majic Khabbaz
District 2 
D2-AJ Singh
D2-Garth A Pecchenino 
D2-Tom Coleman
District 3 
D-3 Staci K. Buttermore
Handler 2
H2-Doenitz Lopez
H2-Andrew Howe
H2-April Ramos

Election Results

The 2023 election selection order was approved by the USDA for the 2023-2024 Board.